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  • I Will Walk WIth You one sheet

    I Will Walk With You

    “I Will Walk With You” is a film celebration of the bond, love and joy that people of all ages and backgrounds experience in the process of slinging, wrapping and being close with their children …

  • Great White Shark Legend

    Great White Shark Legend

    Great White Shark Legend is a fresh and exciting new documentary that will challenge your beliefs and fears of the magnificent apex predators of the ocean. Attempts to change the public perception of Great White …

  • asec gopro poster

    GoPro Experience with Rob Lawrence

    While sourcing for funding and backing for the documentary Great White Shark Legend, we approached the camera manufacturer GoPro for support, who gladly assisted with the whole piece. We intended to (and successfully did) demonstrate …

  • African Shark Eco-Charters poster

    African Shark Eco-Charters – Promos

    After a Great White Shark cage diving trip to South Africa, I started working on some of my self-shot footage to mark the experience. The company I traveled with wasone of the worlds leading shark …