A Jesters Tale

The first film from Troika+Ltd and my first ever film, period – shot entirely on a home camcorder for the pure fun of it (we had never made a film before!).

Based on the real life antics of a major UK TV Poker Tournament (no, really, UK Channel 5, where Lee Cambell was given the “Jester” persona by the shows producers) and its aftermath on one of the contestants. Co-written by Lee Cambell, Amanda J Tyson and myself, this 80 minute feature was shot in spoof documentary style and received massive fan support and critical acclaim with several TV and Film Companies showing interest.

The film follows on from Lees appearance on the Showdown, as the filmmaker (played by me) follows the star on his after-show journey to regain TV fame and poker glory. It crosses the line between the real show, and the spoof persona that the shows producers gave Lee Cambell.

Online activity and cross-media collaboration based around a running online Blog and hosting of the trailer exclusively on the major Poker Plasm website (, which all highlighted Troika+Ltds use of multi-format avenues when producing and marketing work – something I still do to this day – even in these days before social media really exploded.

This was to define our purpose, direction and commitment to excellence which remained, even when budgets increased and we got our foot in the door with actual commissioned work.

A film by Ricardo Lacombe

Starring Lee Cambell

Lee Cambell - Himself / The Jester
Ricardo Lacombe - The filmmaker
Graeme Frost - Himself / Park Shouter
Amanda J Tyson - Fan Club President
Julie Green - Ruth Civico-Cambell / Party Goer
Liv Boeree - Herself
Mark Alexander - Himself
Kath Cambell - Herself
Les Cambell - Himself
Bob Ward - Boss
Chris Boydell - Dan Greaseley
"Chloe" Eloise Green - Poker Student / Party Goer
Elaine Broomhead - S. Y. Phyllis
Mat Civico - "Special Day" Mat / Poker Student Dad
Simon Green - Party Goer
Dan Greaseley - Priest
Val Greasley - Helper
Andrew Civico - Party Uncle
Ruth Civico-Cambell - Party Bhurka Lady / Shoulders
Maggy Coles - Party Goer
George Coles - Party Goer
Millie Mae Frost - Party Child
Issac Green - Party Child
Sid the Cat - Himself
Ollie the Dog - Himself

and introducing "Charlie" as Himself

Special Thanks
Bullseye Productions
Penny Smith
Roy Houghton
Haresh Thacker
Channel Five
Job Centre Plus
Annie Duke
Phil Hellmuth
Dr Ali Ross
Victoria Coren
Lauralyn Clinton
Andy Hare

Catering provided by Fresh Island Foods

Original Score by Ricardo Lacombe
"Snow" by Gustavo Santaolalla
"American Idiot" by Green Day
"Rocket (A Natural Gambler)" by Braund Reynolds
"In The Waiting Line" by Zero 7

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Lee uses NETTO toilet rolls exclusively

If you or any of your family have been affected by the issues portrayed in this motion picture please contact

No children or animals were hurt during the making of this motion picture. No...really....honest.

Tapeworm Productions in no way endorses or condones violence towards tramps, students or Job Centre workers. Tapeworm Productions takes no responsibility for attacks on the above and offers no rewards or sponsorship for such acts.

Play poker responsibly.

In memory of
(aka Groundskimmer)

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