African Shark Eco-Charters – Promos

After a Great White Shark cage diving trip to South Africa, I started working on some of my self-shot footage to mark the experience. The company I traveled with wasone of the worlds leading shark tour operators, African Shark Eco-Chartersowned by the legendary Great White expert, Rob Lawrence (who contributes work to BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel).

Having seen the way I approached the portrayal of Great Whites in my basic piece (you can only get so much footage when you were not there to film, but to enjoy the experience), Rob and his company approached me to produce a promotional video for them. I snapped up the opportunity and have had a fantastic relationship with them since.

Rob had shot tons of footage over the years which sat in boxes unused. I was sent this stunning footage to use and produced some very exciting promos for them – all of which can be seen by clicking the Videos tab on this page!

The relationship led to the larger project of Great White Shark Legend, and tons more footage from me to create more work for them. Rare in this game does your true passion and your skill as a filmmaker / editor come together so wonderfully. I can happily say that my work so far with African Shark Eco-Charters has been my most enjoyable experience in filmmaking.




All promos (C) African Shark Eco-Charters / Ricardo Lacombe

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All promos directed by Ricardo Lacombe

Executive Producers
Rob Lawrence
Karen Lawrence

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  • Neil McSweeney – Library Theatre

  • GoPro Experience with Rob Lawrence