Backyard Wrestling

The first of two commissions for Troika+Ltd by Current TV, the online and TV based channel created by Al Gore. This short documentary film followed the stars of the UK based BZW Wrestling Federation and was the first example of the our talent for uncovering and gaining access to sub-cultures within the UK (which also went on to other Current projects like fight clubs and male prostitution).

It follows the passion and commitment of the most daring, ambitious Wrestling crew in the UK at that time. The stars of piece were also developed into further film work, being used as stunt performers in feature films, demonstrating the development that we passionately pursued in those early days.

A Troika+ Ltd Production

Directed, photographed, edited and FX by
Ricardo Lacombe

2nd Unit Direction and 2nd Camera by
Lee Cambell

Research Assistant and Sound Recording by
Theo Cane Garvey

Wrestling Consultant and 2nd Camera by
Ben Wilkinson

Narrated by
Dave Oxley

With great thanks to the BZW Wrestling Federation

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