Telling the story of James Caroll, a man who lives with the reality that his condition could kill him at any moment, especially while doing what he loves in life – performing on stage. Naturally (given the reality of the subject) it gets quite dark at times. Interviews with Jim and his family are interspersed with more abstract scenes, portraying the thoughts and images in Jim’s mind, seeing the illness from his point of view. This is something that was pushing the documentary format for us at the time. Fantastic music from Outroads (of course) is woven into the film as it develops, giving much more depth to the scenes.


images (1)Brother tests the standard documentary format in that it mixes the normal interview process with dramatic scenes and uses no narration or interviewer. The only people heard from are the people that matter; James and his family and friends. The overall feeling from the people who have seen this film has been that Good Conquers All!


images (2)One review said: These difficult things always seem to happen to people who are obviously good through and through, but they are the ones that stay positive, get the most out of life, and cheer up the rest of us who think we have problems..but really dont. They put our lives into perspective, as does this film.Brother also marked a defining moment in Troika work as some of the independent film-makers and acting talent from previous varied projects came together as one.

OutroadsIt also marked a daring (and highly successful) back-to-back approach in combination with the Outroads: Dog & Lantern DVD. While filming for sections of Brother at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield, myself and the Troika team wrapped on Brother at 5pm, to then set up and record a multi-camera, surround sound, live Outroads show, for the Dog & Lantern DVD! It was a massive undertaking on a lean budget, and a great success.


Brother has received critical acclaim and aired at several film festivals and screenings in 2009.

A Troika+Ltd film

By Ricardo Lacombe
Lee Cambell & Sally Eldin-Dalziel

Featuring the music of OUTROADS

Geoff Walsh
Eddy Matt Lomas
Lizz Liscombe
Richard Weston
Peter Roe
Simon Roe
Rhian Walsh
Winky Thin
Kate Curkovic

The deepest of thanks
to the Caroll family & friends

James Caroll
Justine Caroll
James Caroll Jnr
Thomas Caroll
Carol Mawdsley
James Mawdsley
Zita Bickerton

For Troika+Ltd
Ricardo Lacombe
Lee Cambell
Sally Eldin-Dalziel
Rob Nevitt
Topher Holland
Theo Cane Garvey
Rachel Todd
Steph Walker
Layla Kippax

Special thanks to
Alex Warhurst
Marcus King
Keith Derbyshire (Lantern Theatre)
Everyone who attended the Lantern Theatre (02/08/08)

Directed by Ricardo Lacombe

Executive Producer
Geoff Walsh

(C)2009 Troika+Ltd
All music (C) Outroads

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