Troika+Ltd were partners in a project known as F.A.F.TV which was an experimental push to develop comedy material online through new channels of distribution (this was before YouTube and Facebook became huge where many online channels were beginning to emerge). The project was funded by private investment and operated on many fronts, including work with a major student social networking site (OnCampus)to broadcast a show which featured top name comedians and newcomers alike. The whole project worked on multiple fronts between four directors, as was needed to cover web development, writing talent, acting talent, stand up talent, production design, promotion….an entirely self contained house of creative output.

download (13)As well as working on the “Tuesday Night Total Comedy” project with the legendary TV comedian Paul Tonkinson, FAFTV also operated behind the scenes to establish a network of film-makers, comedians, writers, animators and internet sites to bring together a collective of members which spread through the UK and beyond. This was to great success too as FAFTV saw many newcomers, previously unable to make the break, now becoming established in the comedy business.
The TNT Comedy show was also responsible for bringing the YouTube sensation “Speak The Hungarian Rapper” to the UK for his first visit to the country, and a series of performances organised by Troika and FAFTV exclusively for the show.

download (12)The show and the FAFTV project was backed by many leading names in the stand up field, and it was the guidance and experience of these top name backers that has also seen some of the “first time” performers and writers now on leading work for the BBC and on the stand up circuit.
Although groundbreaking and daring, the FAFTV project came to a close when Ricardo and Lee made the decision to move away from comedy, which they felt was becoming over-populated online, and move back to their film roots.

download (10)With some serious future commissions on the table for FAFTV this decision was both bold and daring in itself, but paved the way for Troika’s largest projects to date with the Outroads material.
Contacts gained through the FAFTV project still remain today but the website and broadcast shows will remain a past venture.

All content directed by Ricardo Lacombe

  • Lil Proof – Paper Planes

  • Outroads – Dog & Lantern

  • Extraordinary Lives (Pilots for Paramount Comedy)