Gaylon Peglegg

The pilot episode of an then in-development spoof sit-com show, shot to use pitch material whilst seeking commissions. Based on a character created by Lee Cambell and written and directed by myself, this visually ambitious and surreal mock sit-com displays layers of comedy, religious debate and situations that have likely never been seen on film before (you wont believe how he performs an exorcism!)

Gaylon Peglegg was great proving ground for my methods of reducing costs and working on minimal budget without compromising on production values as much as possible. It was also great proving ground for me with digital FX, displaying what can be achieved by ambitious independent filmmakers with some dedication. We had only been making films for a year but this project was fun and a great learning curve, especially as we made the jump to HD and our own camera equipment (which we had to learn how to use!)

Alongside the production itself I ran a blog to chart the progress of a film crew and director daring to aim for higher production values on limited budget. It was an interesting and exciting project for that reason. The blog proved successful enough for me to receive plenty of emails advice and support as the production continue

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