GoPro Experience with Rob Lawrence

While sourcing for funding and backing for the documentary Great White Shark Legend, we approached the camera manufacturer GoPro for support, who gladly assisted with the whole piece. We intended to (and successfully did) demonstrate the use of GoPro cameras for a non-sports, non-adrenaline focused piece, utilising the 4K and high frame rate modes on offer – and for a full feature documentary, not just a promo clip.

On return, GoPro checked out the footage and were suitably excited. What I wanted to do was take some the GoPro specific footage for use in a promo for African Shark Eco-Charters to compliment my other work for them, but offer something new to boot.

This piece was a whole host of fun to put together (from mountains of footage!) and I purposely went with a different style visually and with the music, to push in a different direction to the common place approach for GoPro content out there. This remains the highest viewed piece on ASEC’s YouTube channel.

Directed and edited by Ricardo Lacombe

Assistant Editor - Rachel Lacombe

(C) African Shark Eco-Charters / Ricardo Lacombe

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Executive Producers
Rob Lawrence
Karen Lawrence

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