GoPro video gives tease for Great White Shark Legend!

Posted by on Jul 26, 2013 in Blog, Documentaries, Wildlife

Great White Shark Legend

Great White Shark Legend

So…..we went and shot a shark documentary!

We are now head down into post production on Great White Shark Legend and what an amazing experience it was! With the expert guidance of shark legend Rob Lawrence and his African Shark Eco-Charters crew, we got as close to these apex predators as anyone could have dreamed of! Not only do we have some amazing footage, but we also captured some extremely rich, exciting and very heartfelt interviews with all the key players in the area of Simonstown and False Bay. More on that to follow – and keep an eye out for a dedicated site for Great White Shark Legend launching really soon.

So as I head into the edit room once again, for a very long time with more footage than I have ever amassed for a project before, I will share with you a short clip I have pieced together as a little teaser of things to come. This is utilising only the GoPro footage I shot – and only a small selection of course – but I wanted to share with everyone who follows my work as a quick turnaround tease and taste of the magical experience that was principal photography on a truly unique film.

Enjoy, and show some shark love out there people. They need it right now.


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