Great White Shark Legend is available to buy NOW!

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Great-White-Shark-Legend-final-titleTHE LEGEND BEGINS as GREAT WHITE SHARK LEGEND is available NOW via Video On Demand

Directors Ricardo and Rachel Lacombe, African Shark Eco-Charters and shark legend Rob Lawrence bring you the reality of living with the Great White Shark in this feature documentary and it is now available direct to you!


Reviewers on our IMDB page have already raved about the experience:

“Finally someone gets it right!”
“Discovery Channel TAKE NOTE!!!”
“This stunning creature is treated with a reverence that rightly alludes to its mystery as a legend”
“Great White Shark Legend will inspire”
“This movie will kickstart a change of how sharks are portrayed on film”
“We all deserve this film, and perhaps more to the point, the sharks do too”

You can stream for 48 hours, or a full download to do with as you please!

So head over to the VOD page and you can browse trailers and bonus footage as well as access the film itself.



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