Great White Shark Legend

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Great White Shark Legend

I am stoked to be able to announce that my 18 month pre-production phase on my new film “GREAT WHITE SHARK LEGEND” has completed and we are into production!

Great White Shark Legend is being produced and directed by myself and my wife, Rachel Lacombe, in collaboration with the fine people over at African Shark Eco-Charters, who I am have worked with on several promotional videos which can be seen here.

My history of working with ASEC is well documented now, and I think it’s a great opportunity for us both to be able to counter the typical coverage of Great White’s we see out there, and deliver a feature with real heart and soul. It is the socially and ecologically responsible approach that ASEC have that attracted me to wanting to work with them, and that ethos will be carried into the film.

The film is being executive produced by shark legend Rob Lawrence and his wife Karen, so we’ll be running production updates in their blog over at – so check in there for updates.



I am also super stoked to be able to announce that the amazing team over at GoPro are assisting with the production, so you can be sure we’re getting the cameras as close as is possible to these apex predators in their natural environment. I’ve been looking to integrate GoPro tech into a shoot and this project got them excited enough to be able to help out. More on that front as production continues.


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