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I.AM.BOXING began life after I had the opportunity to meet and talk with two amateur female boxers /trainers who impressed me with both their boxing skills and their unbelievable enthusiasm for the sport. I had often felt that female boxing was misrepresented after this meeting so I set about working with them to produce a new short piece, in association with the English Institute Of Sport (Sheffield) which is the UK’s centre of sports and sports training in the UK.

Alongside the boxers themselves, we also got to work with legendary Sheffield boxer Herol “Bomber” Graham and the staff of EISS themselves, to showcase their facilities as well as make a fresh film which does not draw attention to the specific point that the boxers are female, but simply stuns with their power and attitude.

You can read more at the EISS website where the piece was covered for various media and print outlets: http://www.eis-sheffield.co.uk/news/read/trokia


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