I Will Walk With You – watch online now!

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Blog, Documentaries


The new sling / baby carrying film “I Will Walk With You” is now available to watch, for free, online.

In collaboration with Slingdad Dom, the film had it’s premiere at the Northern Sling Exhibition in Sheffield in October 2015 and had a phenomenal response! Highlights from viewers included:

“A beautiful film” ,”I cried tears of happiness” ,”Amazing….beautiful” ,”A truly joyous film” , “Perfectly captures the experience” ,”Heartwarming” ,”An inspiring film” ,”Uplifting and joyous” ,”Beautifully moving” ,”A lasting memento”

Enjoy the film now (which features a new soundtrack recording by the amazing Outroads band from Sheffield, over at Slingdad Dom’s YouTube page.

YouTube Preview Image