I Will Walk With You

“I Will Walk With You” is a film celebration of the bond, love and joy that people of all ages and backgrounds experience in the process of slinging, wrapping and being close with their children – capturing the intimacy and love expressed in this simple act of closeness that is baby-wearing from the majesty of open countryside to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Featuring a truly haunting song I Will Walk With You by the Sheffield band Outroads, the film premiered at the Northern Sling Exhibition in Sheffield in October 2015.


"I Will Walk With You"

Rachel Lacombe
Ian Cawthorne
Dr Rosie Knowles
Mel Frith
Jon Frith
Dominic Facherty
Harriet Fisher
Malcolm Fisher
Julie Curtis
Gilly Brenner
Alecia Cawthorne
...and their beautiful children

The members of the Stocksbridge Sling Meet
...and their beautiful children

Music by Outroads

With heartfelt thanks to
Chloe Hobson
Juliette Daum
Rhys Hale
Jodie Hirst
Susie Crago
Sally Sycha
Ben Fentem
Pamela Hibbard
Emma Louise Bass
Lindy Smith
Sarah Herret
Libby Batty
Geoff Walsh
Sharon Pearson
Claire Jordan
Nikki McGrail
Aimee Rogers
Daniel Nesbit
Kate Nesbit
Emily Radford
Holly Stothard
Reading Baby Wearing UK
Ruth Miners
Frances Hammerton
Chorus UK Choir

Produced, Edited and Directed by
Ricardo Lacombe

Executive Producers
Dominic Facherty
Rachel Lacombe

(C) 2015 Ricardo Lacombe / Dominic Facherty

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