I Wonder Who

The first collaboration with UK Film-maker Scot Davidson, the writer / director of Monkey See Monkey Do, I WONDER WHO is a story and study of the undercurrent of accepted racism that exists within the UK today. Told from the central perspective of a typical racist who in the confines and security of his local pub, feels free to display ever more controversial racist outbursts. The surrounding cast of characters serve to display a cross section of society, some seeking to support his views, some seeking to challenge. Some seeking to argue intelligently and rationally. Some seeking to reinforce through racist remark and taunts.

Scot approached me to take on a purely Producer role for the film, something I had not done before, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him bring his script to life. Scouting for locations also highlighted the racism that exists as many establishments turned us away and cited racist views in the process.

maxresdefaultThe film stars Dave Oxley, long time Troika collaborator, in a tour-de-force performance that will push you with its no holds barred, direct challenge to the racism that exists in our pubs, clubs, homes, workplaces and schools. With a supporting cast including Junade Khan (former Hollyoaks actor), I WONDER WHO is a controversial and upfront piece, but carries within a message of hope against the racism that still divides communities across the UK today as it has for decades.

It was also the last film under the Troika+Ltd banner as although I would still work with many of the individuals connected, I decided to focus on freelance and personal work.



in association with TROIKA+LTD

Dave - Dave Oxley
Reg - Ian Flanagan
Kish - Junade Khan
Andy - Lee Cambell
Will - Daniel Holden
Karina - Kate Spivey
Sam - James Caroll Jnr
Billy - James Caroll
Sami - Mim Walker-Khan
Tom - Thomas Caroll
Ibs - Aaron Patel
Man At Bar - Paul Cambell
Onlooker Girl - Becka Cambell
Onlooker Boy - Tom Staniforth

Music - Simon Wilkinson
Additional music - Ricardo Lacombe
Title song - "Smell A Rat" performed by Frenchie (feat. Flash) - written by Frenchie & Julian Whittle, produced by Matt Middleton

Camera - Topher Holland & Ricardo Lacombe

Sound - Sally Eldin-Dalziel & Arzzita Louise Nash

Post Productions & Digital Processing - Ricardo Lacombe
Post Assist - Rachel Todd

Still Photography - Arzzita Louise Nash

Ebrahim Mohammed Nakhuda
John Schwer and staff at Wigan Road Labour Club
Paulette Edwards (BBC Radio Sheffield)
Waheed Akhtar (BBC Radio Sheffield)
Mark "Sparks" Bray
Duncan Craig

Ricardo Lacombe

Ricardo Lacombe
Lee Cambell
James Caroll
Sally Eldin-Dalziel

Scot Davidson

(C) 2012 Scot Davidson / Troika+Ltd

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