Innovative new shark film begins pre-production

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Blog, Documentaries, Wildlife


On the back of my recent work in conjuction with African Shark Eco-Charters (ASEC), I am delighted that we have set sail on new, much grander project for production over the next two seasons.

The majority of documentaries and video material on Great White Sharks I feel leans toward the dramatic, frightening and sensationalist. It’s understandable when dealing with such an amazing wonder of nature as the Great White Shark – but I feel it can often be part of the cause of misinformation and skewed perspectives.

ASEC and I have begun work on the untold story of living and working in a community alongside the Great White, how the people, environment and eco-system around a shark hot-spot like the Cape Penisula of South Africa work together – and to focus on the future of education and awareness to finally rid the world of the “Jaws” mentality.

This film will also feature the ASEC crew, led by shark legend Rob Lawrence, and entertain viewers with their passion and enthusiasm for the apex predator, the Great White Shark. Having already worked on Rob’s footage I am excited about continuing the partnership into a film which should hopefully add a new perspective to the shark phenonenom.

More details as the project progresses but in the meantime you can visit African Shark Eco-Charters at their website (


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