Lil Proof – Paper Planes

Months in the making, with painstaking Rotoscope techniques and unique graphic style, the Paper Planes video was a contributing factor to larger corporate commissions with the likes of Apple. Lil Proofs positive brand of UK Hip-Hop (and his reluctance to stay away from the guns, knives and drugs image lazily adhered to by many of his peers) shines through in his music. I sought to capture this positive mentality and set about creating a stunning visual music video, on a stunningly minimal budget.


imagesHours of digital FX, lens flares and graphic animation came together in this fresh, vibrant piece which has received high-praise. I summed it up when I wrote for a local Hip-Hop blog: LP gets so many of his haters for steering clear of hip hop cliche and self-gratifying imagery. It took several months to complete this piece, in between other projects mainly, but when we launched this online and at screenings even the most hardened of LP haters had to bow down and give respect. That alone is worth the intense work that I personally put into this video

Music by Lil Proof
Directed by Ricardo Lacombe

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