Sex & Money (Male Prostitutes / Online Couples)

Following on from earlier commissions, Current TV approached me to create a couple of pieces for their Sex & Money season, specifically due to our prior success in working within subcultures. At that time I was already developing some contacts which were a perfect fit for this commission, and pressed ahead with a piece on Male Prostitutes and one on Online Couples who submit amateur pornography to websites. Both were aired on Current as well as other outlets such as Bravo TV.



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This piece features a shocking meeting captured unexpectedly as an escort agency owner pressures and manipulates young chickens (new fresh young potentials) into the more seedy and dangerous aspects of the rough trade. Remarkable insight and shocking characters. I have probably had more questions and comments on this piece than any other of our short docs.



download (7)The second film for the Current TV Sex & Money season took Troika+Ltd into the world of homemade amateur pornography. This piece followed an established provider of homemade content (discussing his motivations), a young broker for larger online sites (who seeks out those with more professional ability) and also the insights of a media analyst discussing the developments of Porn 2.0 in the adult industry.


We were also invited to participate in a two-part launch show and panel discussion for the season where I shared my insights for the TV audience into accessing and filming within these little documented subcultures.

All content directed by Ricardo Lacombe

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