Neil McSweeney – Library Theatre

Neil is highly popular singer / songwriter from Sheffield with a loyal fanbase and a wonderful artist. He approached me in 2010 to film a local show in Sheffield’s Library Theatre, having seen the Outroads DVD I produced and directed. Neil was one of the support acts that played on the DVD launch night.

We spoke about the need to capture this intimate gig and do something very different to the Outroads show, and make it uniquely his own. Being a fan of his work I jumped at the chance and we shot with a small crew and had a lot of fun with this one. I went for a more stylised approach to colour grading on these and adapted a subtly different tone for each track and I was really pleased with the outcome.

The result was not a whole show, but a series of video for online purposes – all of which are available by clicking on the Videos tab. Neil’s a great songwriter and you should check out his other work at





Filmed at Sheffield Library Theatre on 18 Sept 2010.

Directed by Ricardo Lacombe.

Audio recorded live by Josh Cana and mixed by John Sephton & Paul Harris at G2 studios, Sheffield.

Live sound engineer, Mike Timm.

The band:

Drums: John Sephton
Bass: Paul Harris
Keys: Simon Dumpleton
Guitar: Jake Stanley
Vocals/Guitar: Neil McSweeney

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