New “Sling” short film shooting now

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11402301_10152803785122181_6084808682009547875_oEver since making Great White Shark Legend I have been constantly asked “what are you working on next?!”. Well I have a couple of projects on the go, but this one has moved into production and started shooting already.

Since becoming a father in August 2014 I have always been an advocate of carrying your children in a sling or wrap. It’s an amazing way to bond with your child, and super practical too! Yet I also saw many people (men in particular I have to say!) with quite strong resistance to this and after a couple of experiences of this I decided….time to do what I do best and make a film about it! It’s a story I want to tell and a part of parenthood that I want to share with the world.

11402495_10152819406047181_8489870582546629407_oIt’s called “I Will Walk With You” and to make this I needed to collaborate with a leading figure in the sling community. I am thrilled to say that Dominic Facherty (a.k.a. Slingdad Dom), who shares a large following online as leading sling / baby-wearing advocate, is serving as Executive Producer and also features in the film.

The film is a celebration of the bond, love and joy that people of all ages and backgrounds experience in the process of slinging, wrapping and being close with their children. Featuring babies and their loved ones in a wide variety of environments and activities, the filmmakers are striving to capture the intimacy and love expressed in this simple act of closeness that is baby-wearing – from the majesty of open countryside to the hustle and bustle of city life.

11402920_10152803784447181_7490192371501772616_oTold in a visually poetic style, with a truly haunting song “I Will Walk With You” by the Sheffield band Outroads, the film aims to premiere at a major sling conference in the later part of 2015 and is an approach to slings and wraps that has not been celebrated in such a way on screen before.

We have been approached to premiere the piece at a large sling convention in Sheffield in October so the shoot continues and check back here for news! In the meantime, I present these raw stills from some of the footage already shot – including Julie Curtis, a super talented musician and mum playing for and conducting a large choir…all while wearing her beautiful child on her back!

11060465_10152819405837181_8698381950956273134_oSome people have raised eyebrows and been shocked by the idea that I have gone from Great White Sharks to babies – especially given the “dont work with children and animals” notion! But I am thrilled that this new passion project is underway and that I have some fantastic support behind it.

Oh…..and we’re shooting in 4K!


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