Outroads – Amigo Mio Bacon

I was honoured to have collaborated with the legendary Sheffield group Outroads, headed up by the brilliant songwriter and musician Geoff Walsh, an artist who was performed to millions at international music festivals / events.

The video broke new technical ground for me as the production schedule gave only two weeks to make the entire video in a Sheffield Competition called 2 Weeks 2 Make It, where local bands are matched up randomly with local filmmakers to create a video. Conception, development, pre-production, shoot, post production. Two weeks! Not only was this done UNDER schedule but featured some highly challenging steadicam work, digital visual effects, and pin-point choreography – in fact I actually bought a steadicam just to make this video and spent a weekend running round my apartment block grounds learning how to operate one.

A highly enjoyable effort and also established my relationship with Geoff, which continued to other film projects and personal friendship. He has contributed music to so many projects since. We went on to make the Brother documentary and the Outroads: The Dog & Lantern Live DVD!

Very proud of this early piece.

Music by Outroads
Written by Geoff Walsh

Starring Lee Cambell

Concept and Production by Ricardo Lacombe and Lee Cambell (Troika+Ltd)

Steadicam operated by Ricardo Lacombe

Directed by Ricardo Lacombe

  • Neil McSweeney – Library Theatre

  • Lil Proof “Paper Planes”

  • Outroads video collection