A Jester’s Tale – 10th Anniversary Trailer

By admin | In News | on December 11, 2017

I first started in the world of film and video creation back in 2006 with a chance encounter of an old friend who had just appeared on a UK TV Show where five poker newcomers would be trained and thrown into a high stakes tournament over several weeks. Each contestant had a persona, given by the shows producers, and his was “The Jester” due to his comedic personality. After ten weeks of developing skills he lost in the final in suspicious circumstances, despite being favourite to win. A mutual friend jokingly suggested we should make a documentary about him trying to regain his TV personality and poker star status and so, with zero filmmaking experience, we created A Jester’s Tale in 2007.

10 years later, after much deliberation about returning to a piece so amateur in technical ability I have remastered the film, and changed a few key aspects of the presentation. Here is the trailer for this reworked film which will be online at a forthcoming date.

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