2D/2.5D Digital Fx from Green Screen compositing to wire / rig removal to adding fire, smoke and explosions!

I specialise in down-to-earth 2D (and 2.5D) digital FX, even with plate footage that was not shot under FX optimised conditions. Whether that happens to be handheld, on the fly captures or pristine 4K, I thrive in adding FX that enhance your piece. I offer the following skills and services, but this list is not definitive and I’m happy to discuss your digital FX needs either in pre or post production:

  • Green screen replacement
  • Wire / rig removal
  • Artefact removal
  • Noise and grain cleanup
  • Rotoscoping and compositing (e.g. explosions, gunfire, blood packs)
  • Natural elements (dust, debris, clouds, sky replacement etc.)
  • Lens flares and light elements
  • Artificial camera movements, motion blurs
  • Camera tracking data

I tend not to stray into 3D elements, with the only exception being 3D titles (static or camera move matched and composited). Contact me to discuss any FX requirements, no matter how extreme, stylised or subtle and natural.