Pricing is a tricky thing in this business. If you have found your way to this page it may be because you want to discuss services I can offer.

I’m going to be blunt and honest with you. I feel that many of the independent and freelance video and film production companies or individuals in this field charge unfairly. Or have models which don’t really offer flexibility. I could easily advertise a flat rate for a certain service but feel it would be unfair. For example, with editing. Some jobs I could do in my sleep and it would be unfair to charge the same flat rate or hourly rate as it is for a job which could tie me up for weeks working on. Likewise, that job that would tie me up for weeks and could run into high costs if I just applied an hourly or flat rate.

So I genuinely want to discuss a project before discussing the price because there are so many factors. Equipment, end result required, level of polish, function, turnaround time….and even your own budgets. I’ve worked for free in some cases. I would not want to turn away working with you on a project because a standard fee calculation would run the job into thousands of pounds – not if the project is something I would relish being a part of.

You may be a company with a budget for an advert or promo, or you may be an individual who just wants some help with some home videos for Nan. You may be a struggling filmmaker with an amazing idea and needs some help to tidy up or finish a script or treatment.

So I’m not going to offer ball park figures, or flat rates – I would just love to talk to you. I promise you that my charges are below the vast majority of quotes you will get out there and not at the expense of the end product – I just truly believe the vast majority of quotes you will get are loaded wrong or unfair. You don’t even have to live in the same country – depends on your needs – as I regularly do work for clients in UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, and mainland Europe.

So please – whatever level you are wanting to work at, or whatever the project – large or small, corporate or individual – just get in touch and let’s talk.